Local Multiplayer, Party


4 Players


2 Weeks of Production, 2019


7 Developers

Requires 4 gamepads

Game Description

In Robotage, the goal is to push your enemies off the roof and be the last robot standing. The game takes place at a construction site on a skyscraper rooftop.


Four construction robots strongly disagree over the construction plans and as one push leads to another, the situation quickly escalades before it turns into an ugly fight!

My Responsibilities

User Experience & Interface:  designed, scripted, and animated the menu system. I designed the menu to be compatible with keyboard, mouse, and gamepad simultaneously.


Level Design: I oversaw the design of the level.

What am I most proud of?

It was my first time creating this kind of system but I really liked how it turned out and I learned a lot. I later reused this system for other projects such as Kid Fury vs. The Dodgeballians. It was then improved in a prototype.

Menu System
UI & Marketing Assets

I was responsible for creating the many of the 2D assets. This included the health icons, art in the menu, and marketing assets (poster and logo).

Shape language was a big part of the process. The hard and sharp angles are used to give art a more industrial (robotic) look. To make these I used Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


For the health icon, I had to make some changes. The original health icon was square and I learned that players did not immediately associate the icon with health. This problem was solved by changing the shape of the icon into something more familiar, a heart.

Robotage Logo.png
2019-10-02 (3).jpeg
Level Concept & Testing

The firsts level concepts for Robotage were factories or test facilities filled with hazards and traps.


With only two weeks of production, there was not a lot of time for testing, but we still decided to playtest different concepts and I am glad we did. The testing quickly let us know of problems in our first designs, the ideas we had for the level did not seem fun.

That is when we decided to try something different, we went for a rooftop construction site that gave us more freedom in creating the goofy mechanics and the gameplay that we had always strived for.

I learned the importance of rapid prototyping and always testing my ideas.