Puzzle, Adventure


1 Player


8 Weeks of Production, 2020


10 Developers

Game Description

Unmoored is a game that me and my team developed remotely during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic 2020.


The game explores the dark and enigmatic story of Alexandra McCarter—a freelance journalist in the early 1900s—and her atmospheric journey through a tropical island filled with both mystery and suspicion.

My Responsibilities

System & Game Design: I helped plan and design puzzles in the game (see some early ideas here) as well as the inventory system and the game flow.


C# Scripting: Overall scripting when needed. I wrote all the scripts for the main menu, intro, and outro scenes as well as some UI elements.


Narrative Design: I wrote the full narrative behind Unmoored including dialogues and item descriptions.


Sound Design: I imported and implemented most of the existing sounds.

What am I most proud of?

I am most proud of the narrative that I wrote for this game. The narrative is based on The Hero's Journey and the story was a central part of the game.


We achieved our main goals for the story. I am proud of how we implemented the narrative in multiple aspects of the game like the level design, gameplay, and visuals. It contributed to the overall immersion and drama, which was what our goal was all about.

Despite this, I think much of the narrative was far from flawless and I learned a lot from working on the narrative for this game.

I learned how important the narrative can be for many aspects of a game. How the narrative could contribute to the overall UX and affect various parts of the game design.

Main Menu

I wrote the C# script behind the main menu as well as the intro and outro scenes.

While creating the menu I decided to experiment with animations such as the typewriting effect on the text in the intro, and the fading effect that fades in or out elements on the screen.

I learned a lot about implementation and code efficiency.